How to Write Effective Product Descriptions


3 Tips (and 1 Bonus) for Creating Descriptions that Work

You may know one or two of these, but if you don’t use all of them your product descriptions will fall flat.

Identify Your Target Audience

If you try to encompass too large a group no one will feel your message reverberate. A rifle is better than a shotgun.

Your product may be a good fit for multiple groups but avoid the temptation to speak to all of them in a single description. An action figure for a boy may be a collectible for a male adult. But if you try to capture both with the same message neither will relate.

Focus on Benefits not Features

Bet you’ve heard this one before. But do you know how to write benefits? Following are 2 examples for the same product:

  1. Our software helps you with orders and tracking customer preferences. You can use it to ship and follow up with an email letting your customer know their purchase is on its way.
  2. Never miss an order or send a customer the wrong email ad again. Ship on time every time and your happy customers will buy again and again.

Same message, different twist. #1 is a dry list of features. #2 highlights how those same features can improve your target audience’s experience with your product.

Use Verbs not Adjectives

Don’t describe your product with flowery and superfluous hyperbole (like I just did here.) Use action verbs to make a statement. “Our software fixes the problems you face daily and makes your life easier” is much better than “Our powerful and feature rich software is the best solution for your business.” 

Bonus: Tell a Story

Customer read lots of product descriptions when they are researching a product to buy. At the end of the day will they remember yours? A story is an effective way to deliver all the messages above and cement your product in the mind of your buyer. It’s easier to remember a story about a customer who loved your product or told a success story than a list of features and bullet points. Let your inner storyteller shine.

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