Get Qualified Leads at Low Prices and with no upfront costs or obligation

Cleerly recommends solutions to its customers based on their needs, not your advertising dollars. That means qualified leads to you at a fraction of what you would pay for pay-per-click or other advertising programs.

How do we get paid? Every lead we send to you is a referral. You probably already have a compatible partner program we can join. If not, we can arrange a plan that works for you. Either way we don’t get paid until you do. Everyone is happy – our customers get a solution matched to their needs and you get free traffic and only pay for the leads you close. Sign up now or scroll down for more details.


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How much does it cost?

PPC Cost Per Lead

The traditional PPC cost per ad is based on the bid amount you authorize, in this example $5.

PPC Rate $5
# of Impressions 1000
Click-throughs per 1000 @ 2% 20
Cost per Lead $250

If your close rate is the industry average of 2% that means you close 1 sale for every 50 leads you receive.

Close Rate 2.00%
CTR to achieve 1 Sale 50
Cost per Sale $12,500

With PPC, you are paying all the money in advance before you even make a sale and your cost could be even higher based on your bid amount per click (PPC Rate).

PPS Cost Per Lead

For the same sale you close in the PPS model your total cost would be a % of the sale. For example, if you sell your solution for $50k your cost for PPS is 20% less than PPC

Ad Type Sale Price Cost of Ad
PPC $50,000 $12,500
PPS $50,000 $10,000
PPS Savings $2,500

And that’s a conservative estimate. If your product sells for less than $50k or you pay a higher bid amount the PPC model is even more expensive.

In the PPS model you do not pay until you close the sale. Commissions are typically paid through your existing referral/reseller programs, but any arrangements can be made for compensation. You don’t pay until after you close the sale and you pay less than PPC rates.

How do I get started?

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Optional: Add your product(s) to our review site.

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